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The Whisky Alex

Updated: Oct 6, 2018

Cheers to the weekend! I wasn’t planning on another post this week, but here’s a little bonus, because we all need a drink on Friday!

Here’s a simple weekend cocktail when you’re stuck at home with limited ingredients and need a nightcap or something to sip on while you’re nestled up Netflix and chilling. It’s a little something we in the Lumyums household call the “Whisky Alex,” because our dear friend, comedian, and chef Alex Siegal introduced it to us.

All it takes is honey, water, and whisky, so its perfect for those of you who need just a bit of sweetness to dilute your whisky on the rocks.

Without delay, Alex Siegal’s signature cocktail.

The Whisky Alex

2 tbsp honey

1 oz boiling water

3 oz your whisky of choice (today brought to you by Title no 21 American Whiskey, because Costco had a great sale)

Simply add the honey to your rocks glass, add the boiling water, and stir until the honey is dissolved. Then, pour in your 3 oz whisky (about 2 shots), give it a quick stir, plop in a giant ice cube, and enjoy! To be honest, by this point I just eyeball the water and honey and mix with the spoon I measured the honey with to get every last bit. There's no wrong way here, my fellow beginners!

Sure, you could buy honey whisky, but who wants a whole bottle of that sweet stuff? It might be a simple recipe, but it changed the way I drink whisky at home, and I’ll forever be indebted to Chef Alex. Just be careful, they sneak up on you!

Was this just an excuse to show off my new Crate and Barrel Hatch Rocks Glass and Decanter that my sister got me for Christmas? You be the judge… 😍

Side note, I love this Peak Ice Works Large Ice Cube Tray from Sur La Table, because it’s sturdy and has a lid so your ice stays clean and doesn’t start to taste funky… plus its easy to stack! Sur La Table is having a giant winter sale right now, which is where I got that gorgeous Marble Pastry Board. Maybe I’ll get around to making pastries on it one day, but for now it’s a great background for those food shots.

Cheers! ✌🏻

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