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New Year, New Me

Updated: Oct 6, 2018

I know, the most original title to kick this thing off. Here's to #newbeginnings! Do I watch too many housewives? Definitely.

2017 was an exciting year of change for me as I took a sharp left turn and decided to turn my career focus from acting to pursue further education in digital marketing, and I've been reflecting on what kind of big changes I want to make in 2018. I've teased the thought of starting a blog to share my adventures, favorite recipes, home styling and more, but was worried the blogosphere was too oversaturated.

But I'm not going to spend 2018 worrying. As my friends were saying at brunch today, "We can't afraid to be beginners!"

2018 is about taking accountability and making changes. The first change is writing down my resolutions (which I don't think I've ever done). And not just the "I want to lose those 20 lbs I gained stress eating watching 2017 crumble," but real, measurable goals. Like waking up early enough to eat breakfast and have coffee at home so I don't waste money picking something up.

So before this starts to sound too much like my high school Xanga posts, I'll sign off here! Let's grab 2018 by the horns and not be afraid to be beginners!

Stay tuned for some of my favorite recipes, adventures, and home decor inspiration... Who knows where this year will lead us?

Comment below if you have topics you want to hear about! (Don't worry, Derrick, that banana pudding recipe will be coming ASAP)

✌🏻 Matt

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