• Matt Lummus

Men Can Wear Jewelry Too!

Updated: Oct 6, 2018

Okay fellas, we can’t let the ladies have all the fun with accessories! Somewhere along the line, we were told that jewelry is for girls and boys couldn’t wear a fun necklace or bracelet. It’s 2018, and boys, it’s time to accessorize.

The easiest intro accessory is obviously a watch. I’m always surprised at how many guys are wandering the streets with naked wrists with only their phone to rely on to tell the time. A watch is a perfect way to show a little style and dress up an outfit. My favorite watches come from Daniel Wellington, because they are timeless and simple. They have a very thin face, so it doesn’t get caught on anything, and the straps are interchangeable, letting you get lots of different looks by simply switching them out. The NATO straps are extremely comfortable and fun, or if you are looking for something a little more dressy, they also have leather options. I have the Classic in Rose Gold 40mm with a NATO strap for a more casual summer look, as well as Classic Black York 40mm in Rose gold, which will dress up any outfit.

Now for some more extravagant bling, gimme a statement ring! From stones, to jewels, it’s fun to add a little sparkle when you’re feeling #extra. I wear a custom gold signet ring with my family crest on it. My Grandfather, Dad, and Uncle all have matching rings, and seeing it every day reminds me the importance of family and helps me feel connected to them. Under the crest is an inscription in Latin, “ne cede malis” which means “yield not to misfortune.” We all have times of self-doubt where the world seems against us, but this little motto helps me remember the support I have from my family, and that I have strength to not let any curve balls get in my way.

You might have seen my latest jewelry obsession on Instagram, as sported by nearly every adorable gay insta-couple out there, or even by some of my favorite Vanderpump Rules cast-members! It’s the Love Initials Necklace by Kyle Chan Design as featured in his #LoveCampaign. It’s a simple gold chain with two initial pendants. I have “E” and “M” for Eric and Matt, and it’s a special way to share the love we have and keep him with me even when we are apart. If you need a romantic gift for your partner, it’s the perfect option, and a great way to spread the message of Love Equality. Men like getting jewelry too, especially when it’s a fashionable way to express your love.

So, boys, time to branch out and accessorize your life! I think my next addition should be a gold cuff. Cartier anyone? I’ll keep dreaming for now. Let me know what your favorite jewelry accessories are in the comments below!

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