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Let's Talk About Dad Hats

Today is one of those rainy casual days off when I just want to throw on a hat and not worry about what my hair looks like. When I’m not sporting my Crimson Tide gear (ROLL TIDE!), I like something a little more quirky, and my latest shopping addiction is fun dad hats. This sassy maroon hat is my current favorite.

What is it about dad hats that has us all obsessed? Is it the 90s nostalgia? The quirky embroidery? Or just that they’re a casual option to express style and humor? Whatever it is, I’m totally buying it, and my collection just keeps growing.

A few weeks ago, I was at a Starbucks in Atlanta when a guy walked in wearing this hat and it actually made me lol. I immediately googled, found it in two seconds, and ordered it on the spot.

My grammar isn’t always 100%, I’ll admit, but boy does this common mistake make me crazy. I’m trying to restrain myself from going on a rant about “you’re” vs. “your,” “too” vs. “to,” “apart” vs. “a part,” etc etc etc, so I’ll just stick to hats for now.

This one is from the oh-so-clever Dad Brand Apparel, and they have a ton of silly designs to make you smile. My other favorites include too*, their*, a sprinkle donut, and an avocado.

Check out their full collection to add a little extra smile to your day! How do you feel about the dad hat trend? Can we at least all agree that we are glad the trucker hats have made their exit? ✌🏻

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