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Everyday Jean and Tee Combo

What's your go-to everyday wardrobe? All I ever need is a good tee and a pair of jeans! I’ve been stripping down my closet to simple basics more and more for clothing that I feel comfortable and confident in. I grew up wearing a uniform through high school, and for 8 years of my last career, I wore a suit to work every single day. There's something nice about a uniform with just waking up and throwing on the same thing, but nowadays I make my uniform a little more casual. While it's nice to get dressed up on occasion, if I could wear jeans and a tee every day I would be a happy man!

In August I went to Sun Valley, Idaho with my in-laws and only had room for a small carry-on, so I had to pack smart. The weather was going to be chilly in the 50s at night and up in the 80s during the day, so I obviously had to pack my favorite basic jeans and tees to get me through.

Mott & Bow has sent me a few things over the years, and their Wooster Slim Jeans have quickly become my go-to. I’ve put on that extra COVID weight this year, and most of my jeans are a little too snug, so I got these for their “Dynamic Stretch,” since there’s nothing worse than a tight pair of jeans that don’t let you move freely! And these COVID thighs don’t want to feel like stuffed sausages in any skinny fits this year. They were perfect for riding bikes, lounging around the house, and hopping on top of fences for a basic photo-op! Goodbye to wanting to strip off your pants as soon as you walk in the door.

Mott & Bow’s Classic Crew Tees are the absolute softest and lightest I have ever tried. They feel so premium, I really can’t believe they are only $30. I’ve spent the same or more on plenty of other tees that fit horribly or lose their shape after a wash, but these still feel incredible wash after wash. If I could have one for every day of the week, I would.

As we get further into fall and winter fashion, these are two staples that are going to stick. Throw on a sweater or a jacket, and you are good to go! If you're in need for an awesome pair of jeans, chinos, or the best tees ever, be sure to check out Mott & Bow's Best Sellers for men. ✌🏻

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