• Matt Lummus

Can You Have Comfortable *AND* Stylish Footwear?

*This post is sponsored by Kenneth Cole and Stylinity*

We all know NYC living can be hard. There's no jumping into a car and heading to the local grocery store or mall, so we're always on our feet. Something that drew me to New York is that I can walk anywhere. One of my favorite things to do on a day off is still to wander through a new neighborhood and find a street I've never seen before.

Sometimes I can only walk as far as my shoes can take me! It can come down to wearing stylish shoes that kill my feet, or comfy shoes that are embarrassingly hideous.

Teaming up with Kenneth Cole and Stylinity has changed the game when it comes to staying stylish and comfortable as I trek through the city. I can head to work, meetings, brunch, or just wander around for hours knowing I look great and my feet won't die wearing their Techni-Cole collection.

I'm loving these Rocketpod Men's Lace Up Sneakers in brown leather with a tee and silk bomber for a casual look and the Futurepod Cap Toe Brogue Oxford's dressed up with a blazer for a night on the town. I've taken them for a spin over the last week, and they are my new go-to's for day to day wear. The cushioning layers guarantee a whole day of comfort and style to let me walk as far as I want.

Be sure to check out both pairs on Stylinity, and don't forget to check out these coupons for great savings! Happy shopping ✌🏻

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